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Action-RPG audio project (Music + SFX)

Paz · Mercenary Company

This pack contains 5 music tracks (all ready to loop!) and a total of 51 characteristic SFXs to traditional action-RPG games, also with a FMOD project and a spreadsheet with all relevant information. Audio files are offered in WAV, MP3 and OGG.

Cover art: JuanLr


- Music:

  1. Mercenary Company (Title Theme)
  2. Fields - Regular (Overworld Theme, seamlessly transitions into battle)
  3. Fields - Battle (Battle Theme, seamlessly transitions into regular)
  4. Misty Forest (Forest Theme)
  5. Town (Town Theme)

- SFX:

  1. Steps (grass, dirt, brick)
  2. Player actions (dodge, swing, hit, gather wood, rock and grass)
  3. Monsters voices (ogre and goblin grunts, cries, deaths and idle)
  4. UI (hover, confirm, decline, open and close window, equip, unequip, drop, craft)

Note: you will notice some missing SFXs (by their numeration), this is because some of them were made in collaboration with other people and I didn't feel comfortable selling them since they were not 100% made by me.

- FMOD project

- Documentation


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Buy Now$2.99 USD or more

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