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50 original battle magic sound effects for your RPG game! Perfect for either turn based or real time RPG battles. Also comes with 8 free to use samples which you can download and use right away!



This pack includes sounds for:

💥 6 Fire explosions (2 small, 2 medium, 2 large)
☄️ 3 Fireballs
🔥 3 Fire beams (loopable)
❄️ 4 Ice explosions
⚡️ 4 Thunder element
💧 4 Water element
🌪 4 Wind element
🪨 3 Earth element
✨ 3 Light element
🌑 3 Dark element
🌙 3 Ultima (non-elemental magic)
🙋‍♀️ 5 Charges
🟣 5 Poison


You can download and use 8 free samples right away! Just look for the demo files down below. These samples include:

💥 1 Fire explosion
❄️ 1 Ice explosion
⚡️ 1 Thunder
💧 1 Water
🌪 1 Wind
🪨 1 Earth
🙋‍♀️ 1 Charge
🟣 1 Poison


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- Both the demo and the complete pack are free to use in your projects;
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- Credits are not mandatory, but much appreciated!

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 100 Retro RPG UI SFX 50 Heals and Buffs 11 Lightning Magic SFX 

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GenreRole Playing
TagsAudio, battle, element, elemental, Magic, Pixel Art, Retro, sound, Sound effects


Get this asset pack and 13 more for $7.49 USD
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Hi, unfortunately I don't know how to help you as of now. I'm currently using paypal as my processor for all my platforms and I think this might be the problem. I suggest you use my free packs while we try to figure this out. I'm sorry I couldn't help you.

(在线翻译)您好,很遗憾,我目前不知道如何为您提供帮助。 我目前正在使用贝宝作为我所有平台的处理器,我认为这可能是问题所在。 我建议您在我们尝试解决此问题时使用我的免费包。 对不起,我不能帮助你。




Very good sound effects, please keep updating? Enrich the combat sound effects for fighters, assassins and archers?

Hi, thank you so much!
I have a Battle themed SFX asset pack planned for next month which includes weapons, hits, and such. Please stay tuned in!


Okay, that's really great.