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The first official Minifantasy Audio Pack is here! Made in collaboration with Krishna Palacio, this pack brings life to your project with high quality sound effects and music that fit perfectly the Minifantasy - Dungeon art pack!



You'll be receiving 62 audio files, which includes:

  • Chest Open (4)
  • Chest Close (3)
  • Crate Open (3)
  • Sack Open (3)
  • Door Open (2)
  • Door Close (2)
  • Human Attack (Sword) (3)
  • Human Charge (2)
  • Human Charge (Hold/Loop) (2)
  • Human Special Attack (2)
  • Human Damage (3)
  • Human Jump (3)
  • Human Landing (2)
  • Human Death (Spin) (1)
  • Human Dash/Evade (2)
  • Human Walk (Stone) (3)
  • Orc Attack (Sword) (3)
  • Orc Charge (1)
  • Orc Charge (Hold/Loop) (1)
  • Orc Special Attack (1)
  • Orc Damage (3)
  • Orc Jump (2)
  • Orc Landing (1)
  • Orc Death (Spin) (1)
  • Orc Walk (Stone) (3)
  • Sword Hit (3)
  • Sword Miss (3)


You will also get 2 music tracks, both loopable and ready to use:

  • Goblin's Den (regular dungeon music)
  • Goblin's Dance (dungeon battle music)


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Patrons have access to 16 exclusive SFX for this pack:

  • Furniture Break (Small) (1)
  • Furniture Break (Medium) (1)
  • Furniture Break (Large) (1)
  • Flag Rip (3)
  • Trap On (1)
  • Trap Off (1)
  • Human Death (Soul) (1)
  • Sword Parry (3)
  • Torch (Loop) (2)
  • Candle (Loop) (2)

Patrons also get orchestral version of the music tracks in this pack:

  • Goblin's Den (orchestral)
  • Goblin's Dance (orchestral)


- You can use both the base pack and the exclusive content in your personal or commercial projects;
- You may not sell it or distribute the asset pack for free, please redirect people to this page in case someone else shows interest in my work;
- Credits are not mandatory, but much appreciated!

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100 Retro RPG UI SFX 50 Magic Attacks SFX!  11 Lightning Magic SFX

Rated 5.0 out of 5 stars
(19 total ratings)
GenreAction, Role Playing
TagsAudio, Low-poly, Music, orc, Pixel Art, Retro, Sound effects, Top-Down


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Minifantasy_Dungeon_Music.zip 25 MB

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Hello! I used your assets in my game, it is perfect and worked really good with my project, thanks a lot for your work! If you want to check my game : Tales of the Last


i like this music,tks


These are very good!

Thank you! I'm glad you like it


Thanks for the SFX! I'm terrible at sound design, but I did do the music composition and production for my first game. (https://costellae-studios.itch.io/extinctions-edge)


Great to hear that my assets helped your project! I'm always glad to know that! Thank you so much for letting me know :)


Hey, i created game with these sounds! If you want to check my game there is link :D: Stuck In Dungeon by KnootKnoot (itch.io)

I'm glad my assets help your project! Thank you for letting me know !


I used it in a 2D action.

Thank you for your wonderful work!

Amazing! Thanks for letting me know. Good luck in your projects!


Hey thanks for these, I've used some in a demo I've just released. Wouldn't have been possible without work like this. https://ringot.itch.io/backtothedark

Thank you for the credit! The game looks very polished, I'm glad to be part of it!

I can take 0% credit if it looks polished, that's thanks to other itch creators. I just cook the spaghetti code!


I can use and I can sell my game on EpicStore or itch.io any site use your asset? Of course I give you credit. I promise you

Yes, absolutely. You are free to use my assets in your personal or commercial projects! Also thanks for crediting my work


Thank you so much! You awesome person

I wish you GOOD LUCK! Wonderful day's 


I made this set for a jam with some of their assets https://evertyt.itch.io/next

Hi, thanks for the credit!


Can I use this pack for a dragon game I am developing? o-o Its a shame that there aren't any dragon sounds in itch io.

I'll credit you for it. ^w^

Yes, absolutely! This asset pack is free to use in your personal or commercial projects! Also thanks for crediting me.


This is an awesome pack! I used it quite a bit in my game jam game, All 4 One: https://soulthiefgames.itch.io/all-4-one - thanks so much!

Thank you, great to know this pack is being very useful for you! I'm always glad to be helpful!

(1 edit) (+2)

these are amazing, I'm really bad when it comes  to music or sfx lol, thanks for sharing! 


I'm really glad you enjoyed it! Stay tuned for more releases soon :)


will do! :D


This is the first sfx pack for minifantasy and I hope there are more to come. The quality of this pack is really high. Can only recommend this. Don't forget to download the matching art assets from Krishna Palacio.

There are definitely more to come! Thank you!